In March 2014 Phipps NBC will be brewing and bottling beer once again in a Victorian brewery in the heart of Northampton, 40 years since we left. From April our beers will be available throughout the East Midlands

More historical brews from the company's glorious past will return alongside those we have been producing since 2008. New beers will be developed to take Phipps into it's third century. We have brought the original yeast strain back to life and back to the Albion Brewery. The unbroken link with the company's former brewers will be maintained, drawing on experience dating back 213 years and Pickering Phipps. The Phipps and Ratliffe families are once again part of the company. Hoggleys' Northamptonshire Ales will also be brewed in the Albion and delivered by our fleet of drays

Phipps, probably the best revived historical brewery in the world, as they might say further down Bridge Street!

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